OpenVPN Configuration Files

To get connected with HostVPN's OpenVPN service, you'll need to download the necessary certificates and configuration file for your account. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Login to your HostVPN client area.
  2. Look for "Attached Files" towards the bottom of the client area and download the file "OpenVPN Config Files" by clicking on it.
  3. Once the files are downloaded you can extract the zip file into your OpenVPN's client configuration directory.  The *.ovpn file is your connection settings file.
  4. There should be two .ovpn files, *-tcp.ovpn will be the file you use for TCP connections, and *-udp.ovpn will be the file you use for UDP connections.
  5. Remember: these files are unique to your VPN account so take precautions on keeping them private.

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