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update-resolv-conf for OpenVPN on Ubuntu
The update-resolv-conf file is used on Ubuntu & Debian Linux distributions. When ran as "up" and "down" in an .ovpn file, it will replace your local DNS and DHCP options with the ones sent by the OpenVPN server that you connect to. This is very important when it comes to preventing "DNS Leaks". This file should be on most Ubuntu and Debian installs by default. The file should be placed in the directory: /etc/openvpn/
Filesize: 799 B
Windows 7 DNS Leak Fix for OpenVPN
From, run the installer, tell it where your \OpenVPN\config folder is, and this will create files that run before, during, and after your OpenVPN connection gets established to make sure your that your DNS does not leak.
Filesize: 315 kB